Saturday, 22 March 2014

First silver thimble and interesting badge

Had a few hours yesterday and found my first silver thimble. It's stamped London 1930. With today's throw away culture I imagine most kids haven't even ever seen a thimble or know what they were for.

More detail about the Unionist badge can be found here. Always fascinated at how such items end up in a field in Sussex.


  1. Some great finds there and really like the thimble. I would be well happy to find an example like that.

  2. Cheers janner, picture is a bit flattering as its a bit squished but can't complain as a first :)

  3. The Ulster Covenant badge is fantastic. I'd have thought that Sussex would be the last place you'd expect to find one of those. I haven't seen too many about. It should have Gibson & Co Ltd Belfast stamped on the back. You have part of the history of Ulster Unionism right there in your hand mate. Fantastic.



  4. Thanks a lot for that Martyn. Yea it does have Gibson & Co on the back. Does definitely feel like a little piece of history. Might see if anyone would like it for free.